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No Signal?  No Problem!

Truth is, after designing and installing over 1,000 solutions nationwide, our process has proven that only Cel-Fi by Nextivity can claim to be the World's Most Powerful Signal Booster.

Here are a few of the reasons why QUATRA is the best solution for your building;

  • QUATRA has been FCC-Certified and is Carrier Pre-approved for immediate installation.
  • QUATRA is a Carrier-grade design solution with advanced digital echo-cancellation and channel select filtering algorithms and achieves the highest level FCC Certification possible.
  • QUATRA produces up to 100dB Gain per channel, and boosts signals that can be up to 1,000x stronger than Wideband Passive DAS signal boosters which are FCC and Carrier regulated to a maximum of 70dB Gain.
  • QUATRA is unconditionally network safe, and has been authorized to be installed on over 200 Wireless Carrier Networks in more than 100 Countries.

Cell phones connect to a single channel on a single band from their Cellular Carrier Network.

Cellular Networks are made up of 10's of thousands of cell towers, each transmitting multiple bands and frequencies at varying signal strengths.

In congested areas, this means that your cell phone is bombarded with additional and unwanted noise that is degrading the quality of your cell signal which adversely effects your ability to make/receive a call and negatively impacts your data transmission speeds resulting in a poor user experience.

Signal Boosters work by capturing the outdoor signals and amplifying them indoors.

What happens next makes all the difference in the world when choosing the right signal booster technology for your building.

Did you know that a simple Google search for "signal booster" yields 60 million+ results?

With 80% of mobile phone use originating indoors, VAST Signal Booster Solutions understands how important reliable in-building wireless coverage is, so we developed a comprehensive solutions process.  With our Risk-Free Guarantee and verifiable proof you can see, you can move forward with confidence in our expertise to deliver an optimal solution for your in-building wireless coverage needs.





The first step toward solving your problem is understanding what is causing your poor in-building cellular coverage.  As more companies move toward BYOD programs, Unified Communications (UCx) and NB-IoT platforms, the demand for stronger in-building wireless coverage has never been greater.  Over the course of a 5-10 minute phone conversation, we will discuss the coverage problems in your building and available solutions.

Performing a thorough In-Building Walk Test helps us to identify weak coverage areas within your building.  Using this information we will be able to custom design a solution to vastly improve the cell signal coverage in your building.

Using the In-Building Walk Test results, we will design a solution using the QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid signal booster solution to provide the highest dB gain possible for your building at the lowest cost per square foot.

Once installed, we will retest your building using the same In-Building Walk Test analytics and provide you with Before and After results.

That's our VAST Certification Process.  Verifiable proof you can see.

Ever wonder why your phone doesn't work inside your building?

We've all been in a crowded room trying to carry on a conversation with someone.

Without fail, every time you raise your voice so that the other person can hear you, everyone else raises their voice accordingly and the noise level in the room is only magnified and made worse.

Cellular Networks are effected by the same type of noise problems.

QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid Signal Boosters work by isolating individual channels for each Carrier.  Its the same as hearing only one person in a crowd.

Their ability to isolate and remove all of the other surrounding noise authorizes them to boost signals at up to max 100 dB Gain to create a stronger and higher quality signal for your cell phone.

Wideband Passive DAS Signal Boosters on the other hand cannot differentiate channels on any band and must therefore boost all RF signals within each band. Its like amplifying noise from the entire crowd.

The resultant effect is that these systems must be regulated to no more than max 70 dB Gain so as not to harm the Cellular Networks.

How QUATRA Active DAS Hybrid Signal Boosters work

How Wideband Passive DAS

Signal Boosters work

watch our short video

for a quick explanation.

We can solve that!

Follow me to see how we can fix that in your building.

Cell Signals

Cell Phones and NB-IoT devices require strong radio frequency (RF) signals for voice and data communications.  In order to support the billions of cellular and IoT devices in use, Wireless Carriers simultaneously utilize numerous channels across multiple Bands/Frequencies, each with their own bandwidth and building penetration characteristics.

Open Air Path Loss

Signal strength gets weaker over distance, especially on higher frequencies like 2500 MHz, 1900 MHz PCS and 2100 MHz AWS, so as bandwidth/speed increases, the signal strength/penetration decreases.

Material Obstructions

Upon reaching your building, RF signal strength is further decreased by walls, doors and other material obstructions.  The greater the density of the floor plan, the greater likelihood of weaker signals.

So how do you know if you have a weak signal?

In-Building Walk Test

Performing this test is the most reliable way to determine the RAW signal strength for your Cell Phone and NB-IoT devices, otherwise known as Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP)

Visualizing this signal strength information is the first step toward better wireless connectivity.

Wireless Map

The end result of our In-building Walk Test is a visual guide into the wireless signal environment within your building.  The wireless map shows areas of strong and weak coverage for all Wireless Carriers across all bands, frequencies and channels that they are operating on within your area.

Using this information, we are able to optimize a cost effective signal booster solution design layout saving time and money by knowing exactly which areas of your building need to be boosted.

This is where the magic happens!

Watch as I show you what happens to cell signals when they get boosted by QUATRA and Passive DAS signal boosters.

up to max 100 dB Gain, per channel

up to max 70 dB Gain, per band

Active DAS Hybrid


Wideband Passive DAS

QUATRA is authorized by the FCC and Wireless Carriers to boost up to max 100dB Gain per Channel.

With advanced, channel select filtering algorithms, each Carrier Band and Channel are individually optimized regardless of tower location. This means that each Carrier regardless of tower location will enjoy signal strengths that are up to max 100dB Gain, resulting in much stronger in-building coverage across all Bands.

Passive DAS Signal Boosters are limited by the FCC and Wireless Carriers to up to max 70 dB Gain per Band.

With no ability to distinguish between Carrier channels, this technology treats all Carriers equally per Band and is Band limited in the amount of Gain output for each Band. This means that weaker Carriers with towers that are further away and on the same Band as stronger Carrier towers that are closer will not realize the max 70 dB Gain which will result in a lower overall signal strength gain for the Carrier that is further away.







The QUATRA 30 dB Gain difference allows it to operate with an exceptionally low outdoor donor signal strength and then creates equalized in-building signal boost for all bands, frequencies and channels with a larger coverage footprint and signal strengths that are

up to 1,000x stronger .

Passive DAS systems create unequal coverage footprints and weaker signal gains.

QUATRA boosted from 4 locations

Passive DAS boosted from 10 locations

To prove our point, we installed these two projects for the same company in buildings that are right next to each other using QUATRA and Passive DAS signal booster equipment.

Shown below are the actual Before and After In-building Walk Test Results for QUATRA and Passive DAS signal booster systems for AT&T Band 4, Channel 2000.



As you can see, both buildings have greater than 95% of their space that has Fair or Poor AT&T coverage on Band 4 AWS.

QUATRA improved coverage in Building 1 so that 100% has Excellent to Good coverage.

Passive DAS provided marginal improvement in Building 2 with only 42% of the building now having Excellent to Good coverage.

Your incoming cell signal strength levels.






CEL-FI Pro and Duo+

Public Safety


GO+ Mobile, Stationary,

IoT/M2M and Specialty

Coming Soon

Available Q1 2020

QUATRA RED Public Safety

700/800 LMR and FirstNet

Now let's see what QUATRA

can do for your builing!

For more information, Budgetary Quote or to schedule an In-Building Walk Test, please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Pssst...  Wanna know a secret?

Follow me and I'll pull back the curtain on the signal booster industry to reveal how the magic happens.  When I'm done, you too will be convinced that QUATRA is far and away the best signal booster solution for your building!

Understanding how cellular technology works and following our process helped us to uncover these secrets.

VAST Certification Process

Verifiable proof you can see

How Cell Phones Work

So, you have a problem with your cell phone?

For cell phones and NB-IoT devices to work properly,

you should have a strong cellular signal.

If you have a weak signal, some of the things that need to be considered are distance from the tower and material obstructions.

Looking for a new phone?  We also buy and sell new, used and refurbished phones and tablets at average savings of 30% or greater than cell carriers. 

Cell Phone Bars

The simple truth is that there are no industry standards as to what bars on a cell phone mean. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers and operators are free to create their own algorithms to calculate things like signal strength, signal-to-noise ratio, and channel loading among other things.

Check out these other great Cel-Fi by Nextivity

products that use the same innovative technology.

Check out these other great Cel-Fi by Nextivity

products that use the same innovative technology.

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About Us

Having been involved with the wireless RF industry for over 10 years, VAST Signal Booster Solutions has designed and installed over a thousand systems nationwide. As technology has become more complicated, our experience with customers has proven time and again the need for a simple, easy-to-understand approach to in-building wireless technology. By partnering with VAST Signal Booster Solutions, our customers benefit from our broad Partner experiences and relationships across a wide range of industries to immediately implement meaningful and long-lasting “best practices” to save time and money.

While wireless technology has progressed at a rapid pace, one thing that will never change is the physics of radio frequency (RF) propagation.  Understanding what your wireless environment looks like is the first step toward better Wireless Connectivity and IoT Readiness Planning. We make the invisible visible.  Starting with our In-building Walk Test and Wireless Planning discussion, we guide you down the shortest path necessary to get you where you want to be without wasting valuable time and resources.

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Some of our Satisfied Customers

No Donor Signal?  No Problem!

QUATRA has the unique capability of receiving its donor RF signal from multiple sources such as Small Cell and/or Off-Air.

Using the Cel-Fi QUATRA Small Cell Interface, we are able to incorporate a new or existing small cell to create a Supercell providing up to 3x the coverage area compared to Small Cells alone.

Concerned about network capacity?  No problem!  Using a Small Cell as a donor source allows us to offload traffic via an internet connection.

As a Professional Services Turnkey Solutions Provider, we also offer;

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management

Optional Maintenance/Service Agreements

Optional Extended Warranties

100% All-Inclusive Financing